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Lost in the City of Proud Men
The Death of Juarez II 2005

Since 1993, almost 400 women and girls have been murdered and more than 70 remain missing in Ciudad Juarez and Chihuahua, Mexico.
Most victims are slender, dark-haired girls between 14 and 18 years old who work in one of the numerous u.s.-owned maguiladora factories. Many are killed on their way to and from work.
Their bodies have been found - sometimes with their blue factory issued aprons on - dumped in the desert or next to the roads leading to the unlit squatter camps ringing the city. In some cases, the victims are mutilated and horrilby disfigured. Objects have been stuffed into their vaginas or anuses and in some cases their left breasts have been hacked off. Many are strangled, then stabbed repeatedly. Others were found with their hands tied behind their backs. Some have their panties removed, even if they are still fully dressed.

12-01-2005 / 02-01-2006 Union Internacional de Trabajadores del Arte y la Cultura-Yolotl, Durango, Mexico

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