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Water Trading Cards

July 17 - 2000

Last night I couldn't sleep and during these sleepless hours I made up this Trading Card Experiment.
The day before I had designed a complete set of 8 Trading Water Cards. They all obtain elements of some of my former MailArt Projects.
Well, this is how the experiment goes…
I picked out 8 addresses and sent these people - you - 8 cards, but NOT the complete set. To get rid of the doubles, you have to get in contact with the other seven on the list. By trading you can complete your one and only unique limited edition set.
By that time, please contact me, so I know the experiment has been successful. Send me in return 1 self designed Water Card and at the end, the 8 of you have made a whole new set.
Please cooperate, otherwise nobody will ever get anything. I do hope it will all work out!

Trading Water Cards was made while listening to 'Daisies of the Galaxy' by Eels.
All used graphics /photographs are made by ZenaZero.

Rael Mail - Arky of Toast - Marcel Herms - Lothar Trott
the Netherlands - USA - the Netherlands - Switzerland

Dragonfly Dream - Baudhuin Simon - Keith Bates - Ed Giecek
USA - Belgium - England - USA




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