About my work.

a visual artist/ photographer I am fascinated by landscapes and their hidden stories.

You are standing in a landscape... what do you see...how does it make you feel...which emotions are being touched...which memories are coming to the surface...

By looking at a landscape a story is being told.
What is the story and in what way do you relate and connect to the land that surrounds you.


During my travels I work on my photo projects. I collect images of deserted and abandoned landscapes. Besides the visual image I record the sound that belongs to that specific spot and make soundscapes.

I might also collect items like stones, shells, wood, or other objects that are specific for a certain place.

The photographs, the sounds and the objects will become one impression.

Graphic Design
On the Graphic Design page you will find ZenaZero Cards, Envelopes and Artistamps. This work is made in the period 1999-2000, while I was active and participating in the international mailart network.

On this website you will find work I made on assignment.
Dieren van de Wereld / Per Saldo / De Psycholoog - NIP / Van Binnen Uit / kunstopstraat